Friday, May 8, 2015

New Teen Workshops: Herbal Spa and Sizzle & Sauté

Learn how to use fresh herbs for cooking and spa products

By Kaitlin Henderson
Who can resist the scent and taste of fresh herbal teas, or the unrivaled flavor of just-picked veggies sautéd to perfection? In Duke Gardens' new 3-day workshops for teens and tweens aged 12-16, participants will have a fun, in-depth experience making their own garden-sourced products and meals. Each workshop will give teens specific knowledge and skills, plus the independence of being able to create something useful from start to finish.

Fresh herbs and vegetables Sizzle and Sauté in the Gardens may use
The first workshop, Sizzle and Sauté in the Gardens, focuses on cooking. Participants will learn how to use local, fresh and seasonal vegetables and herbs in a variety of cooking methods. We will prepare fresh and fermented pickles, salads, salsas and more, experimenting with baking in solar ovens and of course stovetop cooking as well. Along the way, they'll plant some of their own favorite veggies to take home, and harvest from the abundant produce of the Charlotte Brody Discovery Garden. Sizzle and Sauté in the Gardens will take place June 30 – July 2 (Tues.-Thurs.).

Learn to make balms made with herbal ingredients such as rosemary

Later in the month, Girls in the Gardens: An Herbal Spa for Young Women will show teens how to make a variety of herbal self-care products. This workshop will provide a supportive environment for teen and tween girls to refresh, rejuvenate, and empower themselves by harvesting and preparing fresh herbal remedies. Participants will make salves, oils and teas from Gardens plants to take home with them. Girls in the Gardens will be July 14 – 16 (Tues.-Thurs.).

For information or to register, please see our Nature Adventure Camps webpage and scroll down to the Summer Garden Workshops. You can also call 919-668-1707 or email