Thursday, March 29, 2018

Spring Plant Sale Preview: Hostas

Hosta 'Island Breeze'
By Annie Yang
Duke T'20
Photos by Beth Hall

Hostas come in more than 2,500 different cultivars of different shapes, colors, sizes and textures, opening up an vast range of possibilities of integrating them into your garden. They can work well grouped together as background plants, but their exciting colors also make them great ornamentals.

These perennials are low-maintenance and usually live quite long. Hostas have a reputation for being shade plants, but the brighter the leaf color, the more sun it will require. In general, hostas require watering once a week at the soil and not on the leaves. Hostas are relatively pest-free—aside from slugs and the occasional deer—and they will also attract hummingbirds to your garden. There are thousands of hosta cultivars. Here are a few that we’ll be featuring at the 2018 Spring Plant Sale on April 7.

‘Dancing Queen’ 
Hosta 'Dancing Queen'
Unlike other yellow hosta varieties, ‘Dancing Queen’ keeps the excitement going and stays bright yellow all season long. Though hosta’s foliage is usually the star of the show, the mid to late summer blooms of pale lavender flowers are nothing to ignore!

‘Stained Glass’
The glossy gold leaves and green borders of this plant may remind you of the colorful designs on large stained-glass windows. Hosta ‘Stained Glass’ grows huge leaves and large, fragrant light purple flowers in the late summer. This cultivar is also more tolerant of sun than its cousins are.

‘Island Breeze’
The yellow centers and thick green margins of ‘Island Breeze’s’ foliage evoke a sense of tropical tranquility. When grown in darker shade, the yellows will become more chartreuses. But if exposed to more light, ‘Island Breeze’ will also lighten in color. It’s visually quite similar to its cousin ‘Stained Glass’, but an observant eye will notice that the leafstalks of ‘Island Breeze’ are also tinged in red.

EVEN MORE HOSTAS! Specialty hosta grower Green Hill Farm will also be a vendor at our plant sale. See additional specialty vendors at our plant sale link below.

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