Monday, May 18, 2009

Duke Gardens button bonanza

Our button-making table at the Nasher Museum's Free Family Day Sunday was a big hit. Some children drew their own images, while others colored templates with existing images. The lines got crazy long at some points, with children grabbing colored pencils and moving to the floor for space. We'll definitely need a bigger table next time.

Here are some of the young -- and older -- button makers. We'll probably do this activity again, so keep an eye out here and at our Facebook page for updates.

Fumi is only 3, but she had definite ideas about the colors her button needed.

Here's a hand-drawn image by 7-year-old Celie.

And a sunburst design by 6-1/2-year-old Olivia.

Olivia was spending the afternoon with her pal Jasmina, also 6-1/2.

Jasmina, Olivia and Jasmina's mom, Rachel Galanter, who made a button with a peace sign on it.

Peter, 10, couldn't get enough of button making. Here he is with some of his designs.

Grace, also 10, made buttons with her little sister and brother.

Alex, age 5-3/4, got a kick out of his finished product. His bird, he says, is a red-breasted nuthatch.

Ashlin, 8-1/2, also made her own design.

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