Saturday, September 26, 2009

Duke Gardens Plant+Craft Fest

The sale has begun!
Please head on down. We're here 'til 2 p.m., and there's plenty to see.
Below (and in the previous post) are a few tantalizing photos of some of our guest vendors' items. Please check back through the day for more photos and video.

A full list of vendors is here.

And here are our video previews from previous posts:
Preview No. 1: Rare & Unusual Plants

Preview No. 2: Karen Dillard's bird houses

Preview No. 3: Popular plants

Preview No. 4: Curator Paul Jones with the hurricane lily, Himalayan white pine, spider lily and lilac Daphne.

Preview No. 5: Veronica Mae Designs and a tale of layoffs & creative reinvention.

Preview No. 6: Curator Paul Jones shares a neat tidbit about the Lycoris aurea

Preview No. 7: Claudia Acosta demonstrates how to use her handmade White Pear sugar scrub.

Preview No. 8: A weeping Japanese maple from Specialty Ornamentals

Feature No. 9: Carnivorous plants from S&J Greens.

Feature No. 10: Soda-fired pottery from Powder Mill Pottery.

Hand-painted boxes, pillows and pots from Madlyn Ferraro.

Birdhouses by Karen Dillard

Scuppernong grapes and other goodies from Vicky's Greenhouse & Garden. She's got veggie plants here, too.

Mary Kay Inc. is here.

Glass ornaments and cork plant pots from Bela Imports.

And here are some morning shoppers.

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