Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fish Pool full, fences gone!

For all who've waited for months as the Fish Pool at the foot of the Terrace Gardens was renovated, we thank you for your patience.

Et voila!

Here is the pool, free of its construction fencing.

Note the clear water, which enables you to see the Duke Stone lining the pool. The renovations included a new water filtration system, so you'll be able to see the koi fish when they arrive in spring, and the fish will be healthier in the clean water.

Past the Fish Pool is the Leubuscher Rock Garden,
which was prominent in the original design decades ago but had become obscured by plants.

We'll have more plant design there soon -- as well as another new development. We hope you'll stay tuned. Also, there's still fencing around the pump house, which remains under construction, but that should not disturb your view.

For a flashback, here's the pool when it was first drained over the winter.

And here's an American Dance Festival performance from 2009 that can't be recreated, unless the dancer is willing to get very wet. Now that the leaky infrastructure is fixed, the pool's water level won't get that low again.

Meanwhile, near the lower parking lot, we've got a shady new spot for you to relax. There'll be more plants soon in this area, too.

We hope you like all the new developments. Please visit soon to see them in person.

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