Friday, November 5, 2010

A Student's Walk Through Duke Gardens

Text & photos by Lauren Sims (D'12)

This afternoon I took a stroll through Duke Gardens. I walk through these gardens almost every morning on my way to class, but I only rarely get the chance to stop and enjoy their beauty. The weather might be cooling down, but even in November there is still plenty to see around here.

Here’s a little pictorial tour, just in case you think the season for gawking is over:

As I headed down the Perennial Allee, I couldn’t help but notice the walls of camellias that line the walkway on both sides.

In the midst of the pale camellia blooms, the shocking shades of the azalea and salvia really pop!

Several species in the Blomquist Garden of Native Plants are sporting these bright berries right now. I suspect the birds will know exactly where to come to get their fill this winter.

Many of the colorful flowers from earlier in the year have disappeared. In their wake the greenery becomes much more prominent. The structural lines and silhouettes that you can see in November give the Gardens a whole different atmosphere.

The Terrace Gardens are currently being replanted, getting ready for their winter incarnation. The geometry of the new plantings is what catches the eye right now, but it just a few short weeks it will be in full bloom.

That's not to say that there's nothing blooming in the Terraces. These dianthus stopped me in my tracks.

Be sure to look up while you’re wandering the Gardens, too! Despite our recent wind and rain, there are still plenty of vibrant reds and golds to be seen in the trees.

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