Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Duke Students+Alumni: Win An iPad!

Do you spend a lot of time in Duke Gardens? Is it your favorite place to study, stroll, volunteer, meditate, learn about plants, take photos or hang out with friends?

We'd love to hear about your interactions with Duke Gardens, either as a current or past Duke student. Specifically, how has Duke Gardens enriched your student experience?

We're having a contest to make it fun, and giving away an iPad to make it exciting. It's easy, and it's only for Duke students and alumni. Just share your thoughts about what has made Duke Gardens special or important to you as a student.

We're not looking for perfectly crafted essays, just heartfelt sentiments, compiled in whatever form feels right for you. So please don't hesitate. We love hearing about people's emotional connections with the Gardens.

What have you got to lose? And if you need some inspiration, or a quiet place to write, head to the Gardens. It's here for you.

PRIZES: The first prize winner will receive an iPad. But we'll also draw some names randomly to receive Duke Gardens greeting cards and other fun prizes.

DEADLINE: Please email your responses to dukegardensessay@yahoo.com by Oct. 1. deadline extended to Oct. 31. Please include your full name and graduation year.

WINNERS: Congratulations to iPad winner  Lindsay Higgins, and to runners-up Ryan Bird and Tiffany Chen. We were so touched by the many wonderful accounts that people shared of how Duke Gardens enhanced their student experiences. Thanks again to all who responded.

Photo: Terrace Gardens in fall. By Robert Ayers. 

Disclaimer: We will be sharing this contest on Facebook, but this is a Duke Gardens contest and not affiliated with Facebook in any way.


  1. 2 places @ Duke where i would go to re-find center and re-gain orientation: 1. duke chapel an indoor mystery that soaked in to the soul, and 2. sarah duke gardens an outdoor mystery that carried the soul to God. both cathedrals, the first a place of worship and prayer, the second a place of contemplation and meditation. both a context of beauty as art, architecture, bedrock, life, spirit, with a hint of perfection.

  2. Now that the statute of limitations has passed, I confess that my roommate and I were the ones who tore up the Duke Gardens on a motorcycle in 1967. Does this qualify me for the iPad? If I win, do I have to share it with my old roommate?

  3. When I was an MD-PhD student at Duke in 2001, we took our wedding photos in the Gardens. I found the photo album a month ago and it was a delight to show it to my 3- and 5-year-old sons! The gardens were beautiful that October. The boys especially liked seeing pictures of their great-grandfather who the older one is named after. He died before they were born and it was sweet to share that connection with them.

  4. My husband and I used to make out there. Does this qualify me for the iPad? : )

  5. When I was at Duke 2009-2012, the Gardens became home to me. That was where I studied, where I unwound, where I planned picnics with friends, where I read the Scriptures, etc. Best part, though, is that the Gardens is where my husband and I fell in love. Duke Gardens will forever have a part of my heart. Miss it all the time!