Friday, December 21, 2012

Holiday gift idea: dance, dance, dance!

Having trouble finding a fun holiday gift for a special someone?

Why not give him/her an evening of fun at Duke Gardens' forthcoming swing or tango dances?

We'll have swing dances on Jan. 12 and Feb. 9, each preceded by a one-hour beginner lesson that's included with the price of admission. We'll also have four one-hour workshops from 1-5 p.m. on Jan. 12, which you can read about in our previous blog post.

And on Feb. 8, we'll have a tango milonga, also preceded by a one-hour beginner lesson.

You don't need to bring a partner, and you don't need a certain level of physical fitness. You can enjoy these dances at any level. They're part of the new health and wellness series of classes and events offered at Duke Gardens.

For information about other educational programs for children and adults, please see our website. We are only now beginning registration for these events, so feel free to craft your own gift certificate and take care of the registration details with our registrar Dec. 26 or thereafter at (919) 668-1707.

Happy holidays!

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