Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Photo Contest: People in Duke Gardens

Photo by Charles Twine

There's practically nothing more picture perfect than Duke Gardens, which is why so many people love to take selfies and photos of each other in this stunning setting. We'd love to see and share your favorites in our fall 2014 "People in Duke Gardens" photo contest. Photos may be new or older, but we will award extra prizes for photos featuring Duke students wearing Duke clothing, and for photos from the 1980s and earlier.

Please don't be shy. This contest is open to photographers at all levels and all ages. It's just a fun way to share your love for the Gardens with others who love it here, too.

Here's the scoop:

HOW TO ENTER: Email up to 3 photos per category (people/Duke students/vintage) to Please send one per email. We will post them in an album on Facebook, with your Facebook name in the photo description. You may then add more information about the photo in the comments if you like, and encourage your friends to come see it and vote by clicking "like." You may also post the photo on our wall, but be sure to email it as well, so that it's officially in the contest and albums. Only "like" votes on the album photos will count in vote tallies, though (polite) comments are welcome, too. 

Please be sure to see our etiquette page before posting, too, as we will not include photos of people climbing trees or engaging in other activities that are not permitted.

DEADLINE: Photos must be submitted by noon Thursday, Dec. 4, 2014. Voting will end at noon on Tuesday, Dec. 9.

Photo by Erika Zambello

HOW TO VOTE: It's simple. Just click "like" for all your favorite photos.

PRIZES: We'll have prizes for most "like" votes, as well as judges' awards, and an extra prize for the best photo of a Duke student or students dressed in Duke logo clothing, as well as best vintage photo of a person/people at Duke Gardens. Prizes will include Terrace Shop discount coupons, Duke Gardens note cards or other Duke Gardens-related gifts

SHARE: Even if you're not interested in prizes or contests, we'd love for you to share your photos just for fun, and share our contest photo album with your own Facebook friends. We look forward to seeing your favorites.

ELIGIBILITY: Anyone of any age may share Duke Gardens photos in this contest. The only people not eligible to win a prize are Duke Gardens employees.

NOTE: This contest is not administered, endorsed or operated by Facebook.

LEARN MORE: Please check out our education and event listings for photo courses that you may enjoy. We also have a Nature Photography Certificate program that may interest you.

 Photo by Orla Swift

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