Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Colors of Fall

By Kaitlin Henderson

My favorite part of fall is walking outside in cool weather while newly fallen, colorful leaves blow across the ground. It's the perfect moment of the season! Here in Durham, that time of year is just starting to come around. Temperatures are dropping and leaves around the Duke Gardens are beginning to change color and fall to the ground. Here's a glimpse of the fall leaves I found on a recent walk.

Fallen maple leaves welcome you in the Duke Gardens parking lot.

Walking through the Spring Woodland Garden provides a view of all the fall tree colors.

At this early point in the season, you can see leaves at all stages of their transition on the same tree, like this white oak in the Culberson Asiatic Arboretum.

This bright Japanese maple looks beautiful reflected over the duck pond, and it matches the red bridge perfectly.

Each individual tree has its own colors and pace of changing, making areas like this one in the Historic Gardens collages of color.

Gingko leaves on this tree in the Historic Gardens show the beautiful transition from green to yellow. 

The Blomquist Garden of Native Plants has many local trees you might recognize from your neighborhood that are beginning to change to their fall colors, like this bright yellow bottlebrush buckeye.

Daybreak Yoshino cherry leaves have amazing combinations of yellow, green, red, and everything in between that almost look painted on.

It's a wonderful time to visit the Gardens. Fall colors pop up quickly before the leaves fall down; it's different every day!

Kaitlin Henderson is a graduate student in Duke's Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Program.

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