Friday, February 12, 2016

A Valentine Photo Contest: Couples in the Gardens

By Cecilia Xie

As a Duke student, I consider Duke Gardens to be easily one of my favorite places on campus. It's my go-to place if I'm feeling stressed and want to relax or if I feel like celebrating and taking some fun photos. 

It's also the most romantic spot on campus. If you're looking for something fun to do on Valentine's Day, or any romantic day, where better to go than Duke Gardens? You won't be able to find a more romantic place, so full of charming spots and beautiful scenery

So we thought it would be fun to celebrate Valentine's Day with a special photo contest devoted to couples. It could be you and your boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse in the Gardens, best friends, a pair of ducks or geese that you imagine might have taken a shine to each other, a pair of flowers that look tailor made for each other...use your imagination! The photos can be from Valentine's Day itself, or any season or year, as long as the photo was taken in Duke Gardens. This is a quickie, though, so act fast. We're looking forward to celebrating the power of two with you!

To enter the photo contest email up to 3 photos to Please send one per email and we will post them in an album on Facebook, with your Facebook name in the photo description. You can then add more information about the photo in the comments if you like, and share with all your friends to vote by clicking "like." You may also post your photo on our wall, but be sure to email it as well, so that it's officially in the contest and albums. Only "like" votes on the album photos will count in the vote tallies, though (polite) comments are welcome, too. Please do not enter photos that the subjects have not given permission for you to submit. Make sure to also visit our etiquette page before posting, because we will not include any photos of people climbing trees, playing sports, or engaging in other activities that are not permitted in the gardens.

Submissions will be due by midnight Feb. 22, and voting will end at noon on Feb. 24. 

Prizes: The first place winner will win a souvenir photo book, second place will win Duke Gardens note cards, and third place will win a Terrace Shop discount coupon. We'll also have special prizes for our favorite photos featuring Duke students. All winners will also have a chance to be featured on the Duke Gardens website or publications -- with credit and only with your permission.

Blogger Cecilia Xie is a junior at Duke University and a Duke Gardens work-study assistant.

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