Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Pokemon GO: Catch 'Em All at Duke Gardens!

Horticulturist Nick Schwab and a Magikarp!
By Sarah Leach Smith, Visitor Services Coordinator
With help from Nick Schwab & Lindsey Fleetwood

Can you believe that the latest video game trend has people getting outside and exercising? Neither can we, but we love it!

Pokémon GO has officially invaded Duke Gardens. With a plethora of plant species and multiple bodies of water, Duke  Gardens is a hotspot for Pokémon diversity. We are also home to 3 Pokémon training gyms, all of which are presently owned by Team Mystic (also known as the blue team.) The gym locations are as follows:

  • The Fish Pool, at the base of the Historic Terraces
  • The red bridge in the Asiatic Arboretum
  • The small pond in the far north end of the Asiatic Arboretum (very close to the red bridge)
One of our many PokeStops.
We also have dozens of PokéStops and there are often lures in use to attract more Pokémon. Some of the Pokémon spotted in the Gardens include Tauros, Exeggcute, Slowpoke and Oddish. There are also plenty of Sandshrews, Rattata, Spearow and Pidgey. Think about using a Lucky Egg while you’re in the garden – those double XP will come in handy!
Psyduck spotted at the Red Bridge.

The area just outside the Gardens is awesome for playing, too. Along Anderson Street, it’s possible to stumble across Jigglypuff, and staff members at the Nasher Museum of Art have spotted several Pokémon inside their building as well. Walk toward West Campus and you’ll find even more.

We are so excited to see people out and about in the Gardens! Every now and then, when the game inevitably freezes and you have to pause, take a look around at your surroundings. You’re in a beautiful place! Please watch your step and stay on the paths in your quest for Pokémon. There may be rare Pokémon around, but we have some plants that are even rarer.

Do you have any more Pokémon GO tips for people at Duke Gardens?

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